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Your art is not real….?

This week someone commented on the 3D art i made with DAZ3d studios on the Deviantart forum:

I am always hesitant to fully appreciate 3d stuff because im most sure most people dont render these models from scratch and all they do to achieve the final pictures is to arrange them in scenarios and idk clothe them and put funky lights and effects on them. thats all im seeing here. I know im sounding like an ass but i dont quite respect playing with pre-made assets really. so for what im seeing: these look kinda cool. kiiiinda.

Its true that most models and scenes are premade using 3D models, but is it different in the real world for a photographer? People are premade as well as the props in each scene. The same would apply for movie makers. No, I didnt have a pencil and a brush I made my stories. I like to make stories and I use the tools that I have. I do make my own characters using morphing dials and like to make tatoos or change the skin of the clothing. And the lighting….I love to play with that so that the scene comes out more alive. My special effects are made with photoshop.

So to answer the question… daz real or not: Actually is not less genuine then the real world we live in. No it was not drawn by a pencil so from a makers point a view perhaps not. Then again does a painter creates his own brushes and his own canvas? In my opinion it does not matter where you start in the artistic supply chain. Even an AI artist has to do some creativity to create his picture. It is the mind that creates the outcome which matters. That makes it real enough for me…….

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