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My new artistic startup at

I started using DAZ3D studio a few years ago. It took me some time to figure out how it all worked but soon I could make my own renders. Eventually I got the hang of it and even bought a high level computer I need to make high quality renders. Then I wanted to share my stuff so I found DeviantArt. I love the site, but soon I realised that you there is a certain censorship I really don't understand. For example I see a lot of AI boys that are posing in the most dubious and undressed fashion while I have been banned for my 3D rendered twinks who are not even real. Worse is the fact that I have had subscriber content and that I could not even refund these people. To avoid this ever from happening I decided to create my own page. The only thing is the difficulty of having a larger audience. As with all things you have to start small.

With my new site I hope to set up a new community of lovers of 3D renderings. I am human so I love to make erotic content and people boxing or fighting eachother. Combining those with fantasy art makes it all complete for me.

Last year I have met really nice people that I worked with on special projects. My first client was Ukonz99 on Deviantart, but now I consider him more then just a client. I think working with him has made me improve even further and to be more cautious of minor details. Thanks.

Recently I have been working on a special project which involves tinies. It started all with someone that told me it would be nice to make a girl playing with a dollhouse. I was amazed how many likes it got. It attracted new (and kind) people who liked the genre of giants and tinies. I like any project but I also like the interaction between the people who I work with, the social aspect.

What am I looking for on my own website? I love a challenge and I love 3D render projects that improve my skills. But I also love to meet people and chat with them. So I think the next step would be after I setup this site I will start a forum community where everyone can say what they want and give wonderfull ideas for creative art. Please join me and together we can work on more stories that people can see and enjoy.

Looking forward to this new artistic 3D challenge.

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