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Exploring my artistic freedom

It has been a week now and I am amazed how this site has developed this last week. Actually I am now set to show my contents (free and my premium galleries), have a webshop with my comics and excellent picture sets and to be able to do commissions for people.

This has been a knowledgeable week for me. I learned how to create a website. I had to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get my pages found and I worked on promoting the website on various platforms.

In the meantime I took some time to learn to work with Character Creator 4 and IClone 8. Based on good instructions on youtube I figured out how to import my own DAZ3D characters into CC4 and make them dance in Iclone8. I was a good start and I should be able to make some movies now out of my content, since IClone8 is a lot faster with rendering and saves a lot of time. For you info: I takes about 1 hours to render like 7 seconds with DAZ3D while I can render a 3 minute video in less then a minute.

I am also thinking about games. Thinking about Ukonz99 with the Austin/Ryan Twins and beat eachother or perhaps running away from bloodknife who comes after you with an knife to scap you ( Or what about Atlantik101 ( and the tinies running away from Giant Elder people. This of course means I should develop some skills in Unreal Engine.

So much ideas and so much creativity. I wonder how it will develop the comming weeks.

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