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Character designing

I am glad the site is up and running and I am adding my content tonit each day. Building a webpage is precission work and requires concentration, but it is not very difficult. The focus now would be to expand the site my my galleries....old and new.

I have been looking for some older stuff i worked on but is not yet complete. Ie. I have been working on a fantasy tale which involves an elven family being amushed by ogres. I am around picture 40 of the series and still have a way to go to complete it. I love doing fantasy but a good story has to mature (like a bottle of good wine). Too many stories to complete.

I have been designing a character again this week. I love it. Based on a description i start to mould. Of course i have my skins for daz characters that work best. For the rest its a game of toching the right morphs. My first result was great but now i progress to optimize the looks. Can't wait until she goes into fighting action.

Based on my premium galeries i got a request today to make another erotic story about the twin brothers. I am glad people appreciate the renders and mostly come with excellent ideas to continue on.......

The comming days i will expand the DeviantArt site since it is an excellent ways to promote this site.

Enought to do with little time.....i love the challenge.

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