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You have an idea about a story that you would like to have rendered by Shadowdrakh 3D ART.

Who are you characters and what do they look like?

What is the setting where the story takes place?

What happens from beginning to end?

If you are unsure about the feasability of your story please do not hesitate in contacting me. 

you are the scriptwriter

Now that you have planned your story you should write a small story board per pose or action.

for example:

Pose 1: Jessy and Austin stand at the local gym, dressed in sportclothes, glaring at eachother.

Pose 2: Jessy lifts the heaviest dumbell and looks confident to Austin who looks annoyed.

It is important that you keep the end in mind so that you know how to progress further

If you need help in this process I can always help


First I design the character(s) based on your description. Before I proceed in making the story we always agree on the character(s). If the characters aren't right then neither will the story. I don't mind how much time it takes but I only want customers who are satisfied!

The next thing is that start designing your story. In the meantime I have opened up a shared portal where i put the pictures in which is password protected. You can see this at the bottom of this page. In doing to you can keep track of the proces and use this to come up with new ideas or give feedback

To explain: 1 pose is always rendered from different positions, So one pose can easily be up to 4 to 5 pictures. That way the story comes to live.

After the proces is done it is up to you if you want to share the story to other or keep the story private.

I also make comic books. That is an extra service (no charge) if you would like that. I do recommend this for 10 poses or more to actually get a decent comic.

Communication and fees

Communication and transparancy is the key for any relationship. It doesn/t matter how short or long that would be.

You can contact me anytime before you make a final request and also during the proces. Even after that since working close also builds on a good relationship.

I am always interested in the background story of your script. Not only out of genuine interest, but it also helps me to imagine the scenes.

In case you want to request a commission please fill out the form on this page. You can also fill in how many poses you would like and after that it will take you to the payment page. 

I want to thank you for reading how I operate and I hope that you enjoy your stay on my website. Feel free to check it out.


Request a Commission

Please fill out the form with the your details and I will contact you within a few hours to discuss the details of the commission .

Thanks for submitting!

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