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I love creative stories

I love being creative and making stories for people. I offer a great deal of services as content provider and doing commissions of all sorts. I listen to the needs of my clients and work actively on projects with them. In the end projects comply to my clients needs..

I first work on character creation. If the characters arent right then I will not start. This is my investment in the client relationship and I will never charge for this. Together we work on the perfect character for your story. Next I will work with poses. My 3D renders can be made from different angles so each pose will easily consist of 4-5 pics easily. You provide me with a story board I can work with. I will share my work realtime so any suggestions I will consider in the project and I will also do minor rework if that leads to better results. Please read the detailed commission proces on my website

I used to post my ideas on Deviantart, but having my own website gives me more in my content. Please contact me if you have suggestions or request. 

I will make your fantasies, characters and stories come to live.

And if you want to buy me a coffee? Your donation is kindly appreciated to continue to support my artwork

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Services that I offer

You ask and I will design

3D design of images

Based on your needs, fantasies and stories I can create pictures of all sort. Together we design the characters and based on your storyboard I will render a complete series.

Please look at my portfolio or my free galleries to get an impression of my work. 

Also look at my premium galleries for more exclusive and more exciting art (erotic and fighting). I offer different kinds of subscription levels

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After making a nice story I can also make it come more alive by making a comic out of it. Together we will pick a theme and get more in the details what characters should say. I will provide a full set of pics with textballoons as well as a PDF comic book. You will get your own exclusive rights to this comic.

Look at my shop to get an impression of my comics and feel free to buy them to continue supporting my work as an artist.

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