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A shirtless skaterboy fighting performing a highkick
twin boys from greek wrestling with eachother
Shirtless boy 3D render hunk
two shirtless boys in a boxing match
Beach hunk and a sexy girl are kissing eachother
Prison blues fight erotic 01.jpg

New:  Prison Blues erotic scene

Two juvenile delinquents start a fight and are out into the showers to cool off. At least that is what they think. Before they have a death fight they have to clean their pipes....and that of the guard.

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Katetrix-Kid-BK-CA 13.jpg

New: Epic Arena Fight

A female gladiator takes on 6 male gladiators in a fight to the death. Witness this epic fight.....a story about strenght, cunningness, physical lust and blood. Contains bloody scenes and sexual activity.

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guy nocked out from a fight

New in store: Back in the shadows

If you have enjoyed my story "Back in the shadows" and you want a copy please buy it in the webstore. Contains 75 high resolution 3D rendered pictures.

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Commission me  

Got a great story or specific picture in mind? You can commission me to design your own specific art. If you are interested in how i do this, please visit my commission page where i will explain the process.

young couple kissing and making out
skater boy in a fighting pose
two young shirtless guys fighting
older guy jerking off a younger guy

ShadowDrakh: Designer of 3D Art

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